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We at LISE Living Services would like to welcome you to Rome. Our company specializes in providing you with a broad range of practical services in order to facilitate adjustment to life in a new environment. Our business offers various assistance packages, from full resettlement to organizing short-term stays in these breathtaking surroundings.

Whether you come for professional or personal reasons, we believe that a sojourn in Rome or elsewhere in rome is one of life's highlights. However, living abroad means facing a variety of obstacles that inevitably slow down the process of adjustment. Our goal is to make this process as smooth and pleasurable as possible by introducing you to some fundamental aspects of life in Italy.

Linda e Sergio created LISE Living Services in 2000, and both have lived in Rome since 1946; Linda e Sergio have first-hand experience in dealing with Italian bureaucracy in the most efficient and effective ways.

LISE combines the abilities of various qualified professionals for the purpose of solving the practical problems of relocation. Our network consists of real estate agents, lawyers, business consultants, qualified teachers, and specialists in all kinds of administrative matters. We have preferential relationships with banks, insurance companies and other service providers.

Our personal experience of living abroad has helped us to be especially sensitive to the adjustment process. Our task is to provide for you a fast, efficient and effective service with minimum disruption and maximum ease.

Welcome to Rome!